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7M Brand

7M Brand International has a long history of pioneering innovation and its services are some of the best known and most trusted in the packing material industry. Being a well-experienced company in adhesive packing tapes e.g. Scotch Tape, Transparent Tape, Clear Tape, Sheesha Tape, Brown packing Tape, Gum Paper Tape, Double Side Foam Tape, Cloth Tape, Floor Marking Tape, Double Side Tissue Paper Tape, Double Side Plastic Tape, Shuttering Tape,  Colour packing Tape, Milky White packing Tape, Masking Tape, Pipe Rapping Tape, Aluminum Tape, BOPP Scotch packing tape, Packing Tape in Pakistan, Packing Tapes in Pakistan, Adhesive Tape, Transparent Tape, Office Stationary Tape, Kraft paper tape, Printed Packing tape, Colorful Tape, Tape Dispenser, Barcode Labels, Barcode Tags, Barcode Scanner, Barcode Printers, Manufacturer and Supplier of all type of Barcode Labels, Tags etc.. And all kind of packing solutions. For more details please visit our site http://www.7mbrand.com/

7M Brand is currently based in Lahore Pakistan and supply its products to all over Pakistan. Being a well-experienced company we deals in packing equipment including all kind of stationary & packing solutions. We also deal in office supplies, Packing Adhesive Tapes, Barcode Labels, Barcode Tags, Barcode Scanners, Barcode Printers and as a manufacturer and supplier of all sort of Barcode. 7M Brand International is one the main importer, manufacturer, wholesaler and leading supplier of packing tape in Pakistan. Provide a complete line of quality adhesive tapes products that are competitively priced for shipment and readily available for shipment. For more details please visit our site http://www.7mbrand.com/

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Mr. Muhammad Shahzad Afzal
16-B, Shalimar Link Road, Lahore Pakistan
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